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Sea bream with fennel

Ingredients for 4 portions:

- 300 g fillet of sea bream
- salt
- mix of pepper with grated lemon peel
- 2 bulbs of fennel
- 4 spoons of olive oil
- 5 spoons of white wine
- lemon juice
- basil
- 1 spoon of cold butter


Wash the fish fillet with cold water, dry it with absorbent paper and cut it in medallions. Season the fish on both sides with salt, pepper and lemon peel. You take out the green inside of the tomato and you put it for maximum 30 seconds in boiling water. After, you peel it, take the seeds out and cut it in slices.
Cut the bulbs of fennel in 2, remove the stub and cut the remaining parts in medium segments. Heat 2 spoons of olive oil, put the fennel in and fry it for almost 3 minutes on all sides. Add 2 spoons of water, cover the pan and keep it for other 5 min.
In another pan you heat the remaining oil and you fry the fish on both sides for 2-3 min. Add the wine, cover and keep it on low heat. Complete with the chopped basil and the butter.
In the mean time, add the tomatoes over the fennel, season with salt and pepper.
You can serve the fish on the side with the vegetables or on top of them.



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