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Vegetable Risotto

1 tblsp butter
2 small onions
1 garlic
300 gr risotto-rice
300 gr Kohlrabi
300 gr carrots
300 gr celery
2 dl white wine
1 laurel leaf
1 Lt vegetable broth
1 package saffron
2 tblsp butter
grated parmesan

Preparation Method:
Chop onions and garlic fine.
Clean the vegetables and grate broadly.
Heat the butter in a pot and let the onions and the garlic soak in the heated water.
Add the rice and stir constantly until it gets glassy.
Add the vegetables and cook them along.
Cool it with white wine.
Add the laurel and let it cook in until there is almost no liquid.
Lower the flame, add the vegetable broth while stirring constantly. You should only add so much broth that the rice retains viscosity - the more time the rice has to become tender, the better the risotto will be.
After some 20 minutes add the saffron.
After the rice is done, add the butter while stirring.
Serve with parmesan.
The rice should be suitable for risotto (Vialone, Camaroli).

Use any vegetable you like, the best recipe is to use fresh vegetables from the market, depending on the season.



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