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Tartar steak

Ingredients for 4 dishes:
 600 gr beef ground meat
 4 egg yolks, 5 table spoons of spicy mustard
 40 gr pickled gherkins cutted in small pieces
 40 gr chopped onions, 10 gr chopped capers
 1 hard-boiled egg
 6 chopped anchois fillet
 2 table spoons worcester sauce, 4 table spoons of cognac
 5 drops of tabasco sauce
 1 small spoon of salt, 2 small spoons of pepper

Put the meat through the chopping machine. Pickled gherkins, onions, capers, boiled eggs and anchovies cutted in
small pieces. Have prepared a large plate and 2 forks. Put all the ingredients and the meat in the same bowl and mix it together. Add the egg yolk and mix again for 5 to 8 minutes. Add the amount of spices according to your taste. Serve it with toasted bread smeared with butter. Make sure to get a good quality meat, fresh, and once chopped use it immediately, don't save it for later.





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